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"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God." - Colossians 3:16
Overcoming - Essential for Sustaining OpenHeaven

Overcoming - Essential for Sustaining OpenHeaven

One of the things to do to maintain open heavens is to be an overcomer.

To overcome is to achieve victory over something, to defeat, sumount over something.

To say you are an overcomer means you need to overcome something. 1 John 5 talks about overcoming.

The ability to overcome has been given by each one of us. But we still have to walk in that reality to be overcomers ourselves.

If you do not walk in the reality of it, you won’t be an overcomer. The skills and tools to overcome is already in us because Jesus has already given us the victory. If he overcame, then we should overcome too.

3 Things to overcome to maintain and sustain open heavens:

  1. Overcome temptations and disobedience so that our heavens can continually be open, because when we yield to temptation, the sin you yielded to can lead to closed heaven for you. Example: Sampson fell from glory. The Lord departed from him. Joseph was enjoying open heavens, faces a temptation, overcame the temptation and enjoyed increased open heavens- Genesis 39:2-5. Favor, success are traits that Joseph has to show for open heavens. Genesis 39:20-23. 2 Peter 2:30 ( those who knew the Lord but were overcome by temptations had their later end worse than when they started). 1John 5:3b God’s commandments are not burdensome or grievious and we have the ability to obey him. We’ll never be tempted more than we can bear. Mark 9:27-29.
  2. Overcome laziness and complacency: if the heaven is open and we become lazy or complacent, we are saying that we can do it ourselves. The sun provides the energy that drives the water cycle. Before rain falls, the water droplets collide and grow and precipitation occurs. There has to be energy and constant motion before there can be open heavens just like the water cycle. We must continue in the work. Amos 6:1 talks about woe to those at ease in Zion.
  3. Overcoming false identity: two angles:

- Pride: when proud after the heavens open, we’re telling God that we can do things our selves. This can lead to a closed heaven. EGO means Edging God Out. When you edge who opened the heavens for you out, the heavens will be closed. The parable of the rich fool in Luke 12:16-20 is an example. Luke 3:20 shows how open heavens come from humility.

- Lack of confidence in Christ: we should speak words that identify us with Christ. If we don’t, we could close the heavens towards us. Always have confidence in the Christ that opened heavens to us. Question: is it raining in every area of our lives? Are we experiencing open heavens in every area of our lives? Are there things that we fail to overcome that makes us less than what God has made us to be? Parents we examples of what you want your children to overcome. If you do not believe in Jesus as the son of God, you cannot be an overcomer. 

Summary: If you are not experiencing open heavens, could it be because we have become lazy, prideful or disobedient. Examine yourself today to continue to experience open heavens.

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Fulfilling Purpose Part 2

Fulfilling Purpose Part 2

God made Christ all for us in this life so that we might be fulfilled in him. We have a role to play and a path to chart.

A. Live a purpose driven life

1. God will like us to live a purpose driven life. Fulfilling purpose in Christ means we have to live a purpose driven life through the help of Jesus. It is a decision to achieve something or to get to a point in life.

2. This type of life requires embracing God’s will. It entails deferred gratification. It requires self discipline and the help of the Holy Spirit.

3. Enemies of a purpose driven life: Do not follow bad friends, peer pressure and lack of discretion or vision. Our greatest drive in life is to honor God in what you and all you say.

4. God does not want us to live directionless, muddled life. 2 Tim 1:7

B. We must develop our potentials.

Potentials are things that are innate or natural. Know your weaknesses and strength and develop on that.

1. Have a goal in the areas that you are good and seek to achieve it. 

2. Never stop developing your talents and gifts. Keep improving on yourself. (2 Timothy 2:15)

3. Build strong relationships between us and God and between ourselves. Also, by reverentially obey him (John 14:15). 

4. To build strong relationship is to build love towards ourselves or others by making intentional input, forgiveness, knowing people closely. 

5. We make discounts when we mislead, deceive, are arrogant, gossip, betray trust, etc. Roms 12:19. 

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God's Divine Purpose - The Spirit of Regret

God's Divine Purpose - The Spirit of Regret

Before anyone of us were born, Jer 39:5 says that he knows us and assigned to each one of us a purpose for which we are here on earth for. Sampson, John the Baptist, etc were on earth for a purpose and they fulfilled their purpose.

Everyone has made one mistake or the other but some stay in that regret instead of moving forward.

The Spirit of Regret: Case Study of Ruth

When they left Bethlehem, Naomi and her husband left with wealth. She lost everything in Moab. The sin of incest started from Moab. It was a cursed nation. They left Bethlehem to Moab because of famine but when she left, there was no report of loss from Bethlehem. She was the one that came with three corpses. Naomi means splendor/sweetness but she was experiencing the opposite.

Regret means actions we took without thinking that lead to mistake.

Causes of regret is in the mistakes that were done in life, answers given to challenges.

The way you respond to challenges in life will show if you are a child of God who is in the word.

Some of us regret because of our actions and our inactions.

Causes of Regret:

  • Impatience: eager, desirous. Wanting something to happen right on the spot. Everybody has his/her time that God has planned to visit us, but impatience sometimes will not let us. If you sit for patience and patience doesn’t come on time, wait for long suffering and if that expires, try endurance and if you try that and it doesn’t work, try perseverance. Exodus 3:7-8.
  • Disobedience: is stubbornness.
  • Confusion
  • Bad counselors: seek good counsel
  • Faithlessness or lack of faith

What regret does

  • Regret turns joy to sorrow
  • Makes one Get angry
  • Unforgiveness
  • Hate people with passion
  • Creates lack of emotion
  • Creates failure
  • Leads to death which leads to destruction

Solution to regret:

  • Retrace your steps
  • Ask for forgiveness
  • Accept your mistake and take responsible
  • When God forgives you, forgive yourself


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